Michael K. Kianka

Titan Corps Security Consultant, Servo Group Managing Partner

Michael Kianka started his successful Personal Security Consultant business over eight years ago on the premise of providing the concierge service in the security field. Michael’s credo for security was developing a low impact, discreet, indirect security platform based on the needs of a small, select clientele pool. Michael creates a comfortable professional relationship with clients in order to anticipate their wants and needs. Whether the client and family want to travel within the United States or abroad, Michael ensures all logistical planning is handled so the client only has to get in the car or plane and enjoy the ride. Titan Corps truly provides an all-inclusive, personal service reinforced with experienced and skilled security professionals.

Michael is a 20+ year veteran of the United States Marine Corps with numerous combat deployments, active-duty time, and many years with various Reserve units throughout the Northeast United States. Michael has built Titan Corps with his network of highly trained men and women of the Marine Corps to provide the quintessential personal security service. More than just skilled security specialists, Michael has plumbers, electricians, construction foremen, lawyers, nurses, etc… who not only possess extensive professional training, but are decisive, dependable, and trustworthy leaders. Michael’s company is able to handle all contractual needs for your family or business with a unique level of discretion and confidence.

Michael’s business philosophy mirrors his USMC career. Michael cares deeply for Marines and for making a positive difference in the world. It is a natural progression that Michael continues to look out for Marines by forming a company that highlights their extensive tactical training and utilizing them in the workplace. Michael is passionate about his commitment to providing excellent service and instruction. Michael is well known throughout his professional security industry as someone that takes that extra time and makes that effort to get to know the client and like the Marines, will always look out for their welfare.

Ryan Quirk

Titan Corps Security Consultant, Servo Group Tactical Training CEO

Ryan Quirk has been involved in providing security for his entire professional career. Whether it was during his service in the Marine Corps, law enforcement, or as a high threat protective security contractor for the US Department of State. He has honed his current 360-degree constant security mindset in both volatile combat zones in the Middle East, as well as various major cities around the world. His vision for security is to specialize in providing low profile, indirect protection so as not to draw unnecessary attention or encroach on the client’s day to day activities. To achieve this goal, he focuses on seamlessly integrating into the area where the client will be traveling.

He believes that each client must be given personal attention and a complete security and threat analysis to ensure the level of services that are a hallmark of Titan Corps. What separates Titan Corps from similar organizations is its complete attention to every detail for the client and their needs. Titan Corps members will tirelessly go over every aspect on a day-to-day basis, adapting to the needs of the client as needed. A simple platform will not be created and then rigidly adhered to; adaptation and planning for day-to-day activities is what separates Titan Corps from the rest.

Ryan has provided personal security for professional athletes, international business professionals, as well as members of local and international government. With many of these details being in public venues. Ryan’s service in the Marine Corps instilled a mission completion priority, no matter the circumstances. This mindset has transferred to his professional career and is an attribute every member of Titan Corps also shares. Due to his time in law enforcement and as a security contractor overseas, Ryan has developed a network of highly trained members of the protective security community who have been screened to ensure the service provided by all members within Titan Corps is the very best in the industry.