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Titan Corps is revolutionizing the bodyguard and executive protection industry. Not only by personalizing and fitting the client with the optimal staff, but also by creating a concierge of services. The relationship between those needing the services we provide and the professionals that fulfill the daily duties becomes personal. Trust is garnished between client and personnel over time, but our calm demeanor and presence creates an immediate impact on any situation. You will not be just another client, you will become one of the family. The client will know that we fulfill lifelong positions, not rotating guards. Our staff is filled with dedicated personnel that have been vetted for their integrity, experience, and professionalism.

We will also provide just that added extra to the client, ensuring they can focus on what they need to, and nothing more. If the client is a world traveler, we will create specific agendas, reserve your flights, hotels, and know the clients specific prerequisites and ensure they are always met.

Titan Corps is changing the preconceived notion of what a bodyguard is by making it personal. Fostering professional relationships is our hallmark. We ensure world class protection, creating an atmosphere where you can enjoy life.


Titan Corps also specializes in site security. Our philosophy in today’s climate is to be proactive by establishing a positive security posture. We understand that businesses need to be consumer, client and worker friendly. Establishing the right climate within your security platform is essential to having the proper work atmosphere. Overabundance, overeager and sometimes invasive business security measures do not always parallel your company’s public profile. Having the proper security element while managing a security presence can coexist. Titan Corps utilizes our network of seasoned professionals that have business, corporate and functional experience to facilitate the desired end state. No overabundance of uniformed personnel or overtly intrusive security cameras. What Titan Corps does is analyze your security threat, create a sensible business security platform and ensures your security posture is proactive. Our Corps personnel and security analysts will always improve upon their security positions, evaluating and adjusting according to the needs of the Client.


Titan Corps is not your run of the mill security company. Unfortunately in the world we live in today, there is no place that is off limits to those that would mean to do others harm. An even more alarming fact is that “Active Shooter” scenarios have proven to be a viable option for those looking to accomplish their malicious agenda, knowing the media attention it will receive. A seemingly popular target would be that which we hold most dear, our children. Schools are chosen by these individuals because they know the emotional, as well economic impact this would have on the nation. Schools are not the only targets chosen by these individuals. Places of employment have also been a target of active shooters in the past.

The question you must ask yourself is how secure your facility or area is in regards to protecting those you employ or teach. Let Titan Corps be your guide in assessing your physical security measures. Not only will we assess physical security, but we can also provide detailed standard operating procedures for all involved in the unfortunate event one of these events should occur. In the past the typical response has been to isolate and wait for tactical teams to arrive and do what they are trained to do. While this would be what we would all like to see in a perfect world, in these types of situations seconds could literally mean lives. Specific precautions taken such as properly trained security personnel, as well as knowledgeable staff will make a crucial difference. Let our team of highly trained security specialists consult and lend our services in creating an all-encompassing platform for all members within your organization.


Titan Corps is not your run of the mill security company. Our network of highly trained operators have expertise and experience in a myriad of specialties. Building off of this, Titan Corps has partnered with Servo Group Tactical to provide tactical weapons training for military, law enforcement, and security contractors internationally. To date Servo Group is a training vendor for over 100 agencies, with their product widely respected within the tactical community.