Titan Corps is revolutionizing the bodyguard and executive protection industry. Not only by personalizing and fitting the client with the optimal staff, but also by creating a concierge of services. The relationship between those needing the services we provide and the professionals that fulfill the daily duties becomes personal. Trust is garnished between client and personnel over time, but our calm demeanor and presence creates an immediate impact on any situation. You will not be just another client, you will become one of the family. The client will know that we fulfill lifelong positions, not rotating guards. Our staff is filled with dedicated personnel that have been vetted for their integrity, experience, and professionalism.

We will also provide just that added extra to the client, ensuring they can focus on what they need to, and nothing more. If the client is a world traveler, we will create specific agendas, reserve your flights, hotels, and know the clients specific prerequisites and ensure they are always met.

Titan Corps is changing the preconceived notion of what a bodyguard is by making it personal. Fostering professional relationships is our hallmark. We ensure world class protection, creating an atmosphere where you can enjoy life.

Security and Protection Services

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